The Safest Way To Get To Sleep in 8 Minutes or Less

Ever had trouble falling asleep? 

If your answer is no, this story is not for you. And wow, are you lucky. 

Most Americans and people the world over, including me, have trouble falling asleep all too often. 

And it’s sad to admit, but the reason I couldn’t sleep wasn’t a genetic thing, it wasn’t a coffee thing, and it wasn’t a mattress thing. It’s my thoughts. 

For most people it’s thoughts. They just keep you awake and it’s a terrible experience. 

I hated seeing advertisements of people blissfully falling asleep just because of a new mattress. Believe me, I wasted time and money trying that route. But it was no match for my anxiety at night. 

But the saddest part came when I eventually broke down and tried prescription medication. I just couldn’t bear to be with my thoughts at night anymore. 

But after a few months of taking pills, I stopped feeling like myself. I got incredibly depressed in spite of the sleep I was getting. Without going into too much detail, I’ll just say it wasn’t worth it. 

But by some magical fate of the universe, a holistic friend of mine recommended I try Dodow, and because of it, my thoughts at night have finally subsided the completely natural way. 

With Dodow, I’m out like a light in as little as 8 minutes, and my entire life is better. No exaggeration. And I really think it could do the same for you.

What’s Dodow?

Dodow is a little bedside, plug-in device. It’s a metronome-based light that is scientifically designed to block out your overactive thought patterns and rock you into a deep and blissful sleep. And quickly.

Dodow is a combination of yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy, but you never have to actually learn or do anything of those things. You just still receive all of the benefits. 

I feel like a zen master. 

Dodow is truly my best friend when it comes to sleep and relaxation. It’s the safe way for ANYONE to fall asleep completely effortless and stay asleep until the body is ready to rise.

How To Use Dodow

Dodow will shine a soft light on your ceiling when you plug it in. 

All you need to do is breathe in when the halo on the ceiling grows and breathe out when the halo begins to shrink. It’s really that simple. 

Dodow takes up only a tiny bit of space, so just give it some room on your nightstand and plug it in when you’re ready for bed.

Then you have the option to activate the 8 minute or the 20-minute sleep cycle. And if you share a bed with a partner, as I do, you can enjoy the breathing to the halo together as well. 

The surface of Dodow is also touch-sensitive, so you can use your hands to easily control how bright or dark you want the halo of light to be.

You’ll start to immediately notice your thoughts subsiding, your breath slowing down, your heart rate drop, and sleep begin to take hold.

After you’re asleep, Dodow will shut off automatically for you, and be ready for you to use again the next night.

How Does Dodow Work?

Dodow’s metronomic light is based on years of scientific research of the body’s natural rhythms

The mesmerizing but soft light is proven to quiet your busy mind at the time when you need it to be quiet the most. 

By having something that draws focus, your mind quickly quiets down and is now in a perfect state to conk out. 

The timing is based on something called heart coherence, so by following along, your heartbeat is actually being put in a tune coherent with rest

The rhythm of the light is also designed to reduce your breathing rate (which is connected to your heart rate) from 11 breaths per minute to just 6 breaths per minute, which primes your body for the perfect sleep. 

Even better, the timing of the breath cues restores your mind’s natural ability to fall asleep. This means that with regular use, Dodow literally retrains your brain to eventually fall asleep on its own again

So even though I’m still enjoying my Dodow, I can already tell that I won’t be needing it for long. It’s training me how to do it on my own!

Why It’s The Safest Possible Route To Sleep

I told you earlier that I had first tried a new mattress to help me sleep better. Even though it’s comfortable, it wasn’t really worth the money and hassle because it didn’t help me fall asleep. So yes, a new mattress is safe, but not a guarantee. 

Which is what led me to try pills that are definitely NOT safe. Even after a few weeks, I felt like a new and terrible person. 

I’ve also heard of people taking “natural” supplements, but their statements have rarely been approved by the FDA and I’m still hesitant to take supplements after my terrible pill experience. 

Thankfully with the Dodow, there are absolutely no chemicals involved or anything that I have to put into my body

I also didn’t have to buy extremely expensive therapy or train myself like a Buddhist monk to get rid of my overactive thoughts at night. 

All I do is follow the breathing pattern of that peaceful halo on my ceiling and I’m out in minutes. It’s been such a blessing.

Dodow Is Also Wonderful For The Family

Even though I bought this for myself, once I saw how safe and effective it was, I felt completely comfortable getting one for each of my teenage children, who also sometimes have trouble falling asleep at night. 

It’s easy enough to use that an even younger child would benefit from it if they’re having trouble

So long as they are old enough to understand that you breathe in when the halo grows and breathe out when the halo shrinks, they’ll be good to go. 

Perhaps only toddlers and infants would be too young to understand.

I also love the fact that Dodow is training them every time they use it so that they’ll learn sleeping skills they’ll be able to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Your One-Time Purchase for a Lifetime of Better Sleep

No doctors, no therapy, no habit-forming pills. Dodow just rocks you to sleep. And you only have to purchase it once! 

No monthly payments, no subscriptions, and it last for a lifetime. When I say lifetime, I also mean that you will have gained a newfound ability to sleep on your own, so after a while, you won’t even need the Dodow anymore you’ll be so well-trained.

Even better, if somehow you aren’t happy after 30 days, you can get every penny back, no questions asked. 

But I doubt that will happen — they already have over 90,000 users and almost all of them seem pretty damn happy. 

If you’d like to be a happy, anxious-free sleeper like me, then you owe it to yourself to at least give it a shot!

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