The Amazing Sleep Device That Will Finally Help Your Child Fall Asleep Faster!

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“I tried just about every trick in the book to help calm my child’s mind before bed. He’s been a difficult sleeper for as long as I could remember… but now my boy falls asleep within minutes…”

As a parent, I don’t ask for much. Happy and healthy children and maybe some sleep for all of us would be nice. I also know you can’t always get what you want…

But I’m here to tell you about something that helped both me and my child find some rest, and almost immediately.

For some parents, their child struggles in school. For others, they get involved with the wrong group of friends.

For me? My 8-year-old just couldn’t sleep.

He’s been a difficult sleeper for as long as I can remember. He has a wild imagination, so every time he hears a noise in the middle of the night, he automatically fears the worst.

I mistakenly thought he would outgrow this habit with age, but as the issue continued I started to worry about the toll the lack of sleep would start to have on his mental and physical well-being…and mine.

I knew I needed to take action to help my child sleep.

Finally, after so much time anxiously searching we found something that actually works – Dodow.

Dodow helped my restless son fall asleep peacefully and quickly without the use of any type of drug, therapy, or lifestyle change.

What Makes Dodow So Wonderful

With Dodow in our lives, my son could sleep and so could the rest of our happy family. Our shared waking hours became so much more enjoyable together.

It’s truly incredible what a good night’s sleep can do for a group of people who share a space.

I can hardly believe my life before buying this product. My son now has the ability to fall asleep within minutes, AND ALSO has a new sleeping ability he’ll be able to take with him for the rest of his life.

If anybody in your household needs a better sleep, you’ll want to know all about Dodow.

How Does It Work?

Dodow just sits on your child’s bedside table and immediately helps them get themselves to sleep. You can even try it and test it for yourself first, as it actually works on all ages

Dodow projects a calming blue light on the ceiling that soothes the mind and brings you peacefully down to a sleep-oriented state.

It also works by helping you slow down your breathing rate, from the heavy breathing we do during waking hours, to the shallow and relaxed breaths we take while sleeping.

You begin at a pace of 11 breaths per minute. As the flashes of the Dodow become further and further apart, your breathing is gradually slowed towards 6 breaths per minute, perfect for sleep.

Between the visual cues and the timed breathing, your child can be asleep in fewer than eight minutes (don’t worry if it takes your child a little longer though!

It also has a 20-minute setting – we used this for a while until my son got used to it!).

While you can use the Dodow every single night, Dodow is actually training the brain over time to sleep on its own.

This means that after a while, your child won’t even need it anymore!

And they can continue on into adulthood with healthy sleep habits.

You can think of Dodow as the world’s easiest meditation practice that was designed specifically for sleep.

Dodow transformed my child’s sleep habits.

I can’t overemphasize what a drastic change I witnessed first-hand in my child’s life.

Finally, his nightmares stopped and my husband and I got to remember what it felt like to have room in our bed again.

I also noticed his grades improving with a little more sleep on hand. Evidently, sleep improves memory, focus, and concentration, which have all noticeably improved since I decided to try Dodow.

Sometimes, I even use Dodow myself

Like I said, Dodow actually teaches you how to sleep so that you no longer have to use it.

So every now and then, when my mind is particularly active and nobody else in the family needs it, I’ll set Dodow next to MY bed.

Immediately, the thoughts that were keeping me awake drift away as I focus on the visuals and on my breathing, bringing peace and harmony into my mind.

I’ve already noticed that the more I use it, the better sleeper I become even without it.

It’s nice to have such a harm-free way to turn your thoughts off once in a while.

How I Got My Son To Start Using Dodow

To be honest, it was one of the easiest things I’ve ever gotten my kid to do.

We opened the box together, which helped it to feel like a toy or a gift, and he was already on board.

When I set it down on his nightstand and turned the lights off, he got even more excited. The visuals really are a sight to see.

It also really helped that Dodow turns off on its own, so I can go to my own bed without having to wait for my son to fall asleep completely.

Now, my son looks forward to bedtime!

If your child is having trouble falling asleep, YOU NEED to try Dodow now!

I’m not sure what I would have done without this device. Even one restless night was hard to watch, but as they continued I knew I needed something to help, and Dodow did exactly that.

I know things started with my child, but I really recommend this device for anyone who is struggling to sleep at all.

It’s risk-free, and you can even have your money back if it’s not working for you up to 100 days after you buy it!

And to top it all off, they’re having some incredible promotions at the moment. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out!