New Sleep Aid Device May Be The Answer Millions Of People Suffering From Various Sleep Issues Have Been Looking For!

Dr. Michael Breus, the world famous ‘Sleep Doctor’, recognizes and endorses
your effectiveness to improve sleep, you know you’re doing something right!

I think it goes without saying that most people struggle with getting a good night’s sleep these days. If you don’t, then consider yourself lucky. But just know it may only be a matter of time before the Sandman stops visiting you at night too.

After all, when you stop and think about ALL the things that go against a person getting a restful night’s sleep, it’s a wonder that everyone doesn’t suffer from sleep deprivation.

Our brain’s sleeping circuits get scrambled and short-circuited on a daily basis. Consider all the sleep-disruptors we subject ourselves to every day:

  • Massive caffeine intake from morning until night
  • Blue light exposure via computer screens, TVs, tablets, smartphones, LED lights, household lights, & more
  • Hectic, non-stop schedules that require constant ‘thinking ahead’
  • Insufficient diets that hinder our body’s & brain’s ability to function at an optimal level
  • Extended work hours (both personal & family) that keep us up beyond our body’s natural sleep cycle
  • And more…so much more.

Sleep Issues Don’t Happen Overnight (Haha…pun intended)

Most people don’t go to bed one night and suddenly stare at the ceiling wide-eyed wondering why they can’t sleep.

Sleep troubles slowly occur as a cumulative effect from exposure to multiple sleep-disruptors that over time degrade our ability to get a good night’s sleep. It’s a slow, undetectable process…

  • We fall asleep a little later than normal
  • We wake up in the middle of the night a time or two
  • We don’t feel as refreshed as often in the morning

Slowly…quietly…over weeks, months, and even years.

And then by the time we realize we’re suffering from sleep issues, our brain’s sleep circuits end up so scrambled that they’re impossible to unscramble in one day or even one week…no matter what we do.

Sleep issues are like weight gain. Just like people don’t go to bed and wake up 50 lbs heavier – people don’t sleep just fine for years and then suddenly one night can’t sleep.

Obesity happens over months and years from poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, and more. And insomnia and sleep issues often happen over months and years from being exposed to too many sleep disruptors.

And just like there’s no magic pill to help people lose weight, there’s no magic pill to fix your sleep problems.

Like fad diets, prescription sleeping drugs, OTC’s, sleep lamps and various other so-called sleep remedies are only temporary – they don’t provide a healthy, long term answer.

BUT…unlike any fad diet that has no way of magically making you look slimmer the very first day you use it, there is a new device that can improve your sleep health the very first night you use it!

Even better, repeated use of this device actually rewires your brain’s screwy sleeping circuits so that they function properly again. So much so that eventually, you wouldn’t need to use it anymore!

And it’s built on sleep science that’s been scientifically proven to work!

Introducing The Last Sleep Aid You’ll Ever Need…

This is Dodow and it can help you fall asleep 2.5X faster – naturally! Dodow is a sleep aid device built using sleep science that taps into our body’s natural ability to lull itself to sleep and stay asleep.

Not only does it have the potential to help you fall asleep faster the first night you use it, but repeated use has shown to actually fix the mixed up sleep circuits in your brain that cause you to have sleep problems in the first place.

In fact, Dr. Michael J Breus, aka The Sleep Doctor, who sits on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and has appeared 39 times says:

“Dodow is the most effective way to naturally induce sleep while rewiring your brain’s ability to learn how to lull itself to sleep again. In this day and age when science and technology has contributed so much to society’s inability to get a good night’s sleep, it’s only appropriate that science and technology provide an apparent solution. Dodow is truly remarkable and exactly what our 21st century society needs right now.”

Dr. Michael J Breus, aka The Sleep Doctor – Clinical Psychologist and one of ONLY168 psychologists in the WORLD honored with both distinctions of Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine AND The American Academy of Sleep Medicine with a specialty in Sleep Disorders.

Addressing The Root Of Sleep Problems

As previously mentioned, poor sleep patterns stem from a number of contributing factors that build up over the years.

And once you realize you’re having sleep problems, that’s all you can think about when you go to bed – it becomes a downward spiral from that point on.

You get anxious just thinking about trying to sleep. And that anxiety increases your heart and breathing rates, both of which make you more anxious and keep you up and now it’s just a vicious cycle you can’t recover from.

Problem with typical sleep aids is they’re temporary. They only address the anxiety and stress symptoms for that night. But that anxiety and stress always comes back the next night. So you’ll always need some artificial sleep aid.

But this is where the beauty of Dodow comes in. Instead of applying a band aid to the superficial symptoms, Dodow targets the deep rooted problem that causes those symptoms – your mind!

Simply speaking, Dodow quiets your mind so that your brain turns off and body relaxes so that you can peacefully drift off into a restful deep sleep the way your mind & body was meant to at night.

Here’s How It Works:

You place Dodow on your nightstand and when you turn it on, it projects a soft blue light onto your ceiling. The blue light is super low intensity so it doesn’t hinder your sleep like staring at a computer screen all day does. In fact, the color cyan blue has been scientifically proven to make you feel more relaxed than any other color.

Now, while lying in bed, you focus on the light as it expands and contracts. You inhale slowly with the light for 4 seconds and then exhale with the light for 6 seconds.

Sound crazy? It’s not. Here’s what’s happening to your mind and body when you use Dodow:

  • Focusing on the light keeps your mind focused on one thing, blocking out busy chaotic thoughts, and causes your brainwave frequency to slow down.
  • Slow, controlled deep breathing decreases heart rate and the CO2 levels in your blood which makes you sleepy.

The combined effect is powerful! After just a few minutes use, your mind & body is lulled into a naturally relaxed state where it can naturally fall asleep and stay asleep.

Combining these things along with the mesmerizing light and now you begin to understand how Dodow can have an instant impact for people the very first night they use it.

Watch Dr. Breus, aka The Sleep Doctor, Explain The Power Of Dodow Below…

Dodow’s sleep inducing effect is what happens when you combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Yoga Breathing Techniques and Focused Meditation.

Note: You can try breathing exercises on their own and they can certainly help. But the blue light is a key component to keeping your mind focused on ONE thing and thereby quieting it to fall asleep.

A Natural, Long-Lasting Solution

As mentioned earlier, other sleep remedies are temporary. They either stops working altogether or you have to use more in order for it to be effective – which can be extremely dangerous when it comes to anything you have to ingest.

Dodow on the other hand actually has the opposite effect. Instead of using it more, you’ll probably end up using Dodow less – and maybe eventually not at all!

That’s because while the immediate impact of Dodow is its ability to mesmerize & lull you to sleep within minutes, Dodow’s long term ability is to retrain your brain to fall asleep all on its own – like it used to before its sleeping circuits got all screwy and messed up.

With repeated use, your mind starts to trigger the sleeping mechanisms it needs to in order to sleep all on its own.

Using Dodow is like riding a bike with training wheels again – once your mind gets the hang of how to fall asleep on its own again, you don’t need it as often anymore.

Think about how profound that is! Where drugs require you to take them all the time to be effective (which big pharma certainly doesn’t mind), Dodow actually makes you less dependent on it!

It Works Instantly For Some – A Little Slower For Others – But It Works!

Just like losing a bunch of weight, fixing sleep issues doesn’t happen overnight – figuratively or literally. But unlike losing weight, where it can take some time before there’s a noticeable difference, using Dodow can have an instant impact for many people, while for others it might take a few times before it really kicks in.

But remember, we’re talking about an accumulation of months and even years of these sleep disruptors eating away at your sleep health day after day before you finally realize something needs to be done. So even if it takes 5 days before you start falling asleep faster and sleeping better, isn’t that better than not at all?

This is perhaps why Dodow offers a 100 day money back guarantee because whether it takes 1 night or 10 nights, once you’ve experienced the difference you’ll be thankful you didn’t give up after the first night.

Ready To Finally Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep – Naturally?

Sure, does turning the TV off, putting the phone down, disconnecting yourself from your work computer, and not drinking coffee all day help – yes. But is it realistic? Probably not. It’s part of life now.

But no one chooses to suffer with sleep problems night after night. Sleep problems creep up on us without us knowing – we didn’t have a say or any control over the matter. But now we have a choice. Now we have a say. We can take back that control and start sleeping better than we have in years.

So what’s your choice going to be?

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