With a 76% success rate, this hot tech gadget is working wonders for helping people sleep

Sleep well last night? Well, if you didn’t, you’re not alone.

Every night, millions of Americans struggle to switch off their minds and drift off to sleep.

And just like you, they’ve tried everything.

They don’t drink coffee after 3PM or fluids after 8PM. They’ve installed blockout curtains, flipped on white noise machines, and put on “Mediation Zen Calming Stress Relief” playlists on YouTube.


Instead of you sinking into blissful sleep, your pulse flutters, your legs fidget, and your mind sprints from worrying about meeting your student loan repayments this month to that awful pop song you heard in the supermarket (and now can’t get out of your head).

And when you finally fall asleep there’s never any guarantee you’ll stay asleep.

Even if you get lucky and doze off before midnight, what are the odds you’ll wake up around 1:30AM and have to start all over again?

A hidden epidemic

But the worst part? It’s how you feel the whole day after.

You can’t focus. You mumble into your coffee mug when coworkers greet you. Getting through to lunch feels like running the New York marathon, and even a double shot latté can’t clear the haze from behind your eyes.

On top of which you dread the long trek home at the end of the day because it just means you’re going right back to square one…

It’s time you met your (sleep) soulmate

Meet Dodow, the hot tech gadget that has already helped over 150,000 people just like you fall and stay asleep all night long.

Just place Dodow gently on your nightstand or any flat surface near the head of your bed, tap it gently to activate it and you could be on your way to falling asleep in as little as 8 minutes!

How does Dodow work?

It’s not some “miracle cure.” Dodow is pure science.

It taps into your body’s natural rhythm for falling asleep and retrains your brain to fall asleep in the most efficient way possible, with almost no effort on your part.

Not only can Dodow help you fall asleep faster and more easily, but it can help you sleep deeper, so that you wake up feeling refreshed and energized!

Using it is insanely simple. Here’s what you do—

1. Put Dodow on a flat surface near the head of your bed—your nightstand is best if you have one.

2. Choose from an 8 or 20 minute cycle and tap it to begin

3. As you lie down, your Dodow will project a soothing blue light onto your ceiling.

4. Breathe in in time with the slowly growing and shrinking blue light.

As your cycle continues, the peaceful blue light moves slower and slower. Your mind focuses completely on the blue light, shedding distractions and stressful thoughts. Your breathing slows down and your body fully relaxes.

5. Wake up refreshed and wonder how you didn’t even notice you fell asleep!


Because most of Dodow’s users actually fall asleep before the end of their 8 or 20 minute cycle, making happily surprised when they wake up the next morning!

And if you think it wastes batteries, don’t worry. Dodow shuts off automatically at the end of its’ set cycle so it won’t keep playing all night long.

Even if you wake up throughout the night, you simply reactivate your Dodow each time and you can fall asleep faster than you ever imagined.

But that’s not all!

The true secret of Dodow is this: It literally retrains your brain

Sooner than you think, you’ll be so used to falling asleep naturally that you won’t need to use your Dodow at all!

I’ve tried everything. Can you guarantee it works?

Dodow was created by insomniacs, and its inventors gathered research from thousands of scientific studies to assist them in its development.

After suffering from drawn-out sleepless nights and even longer tiring days themselves, they wanted to make sure that Dodow would be super effective.

And they’ve got proof! An overwhelming 76% of Dodow’s thrilled users report they’re falling asleep in 8-20 minutes, instead of 1-2 hours like they used to!

What’s more, its creators are so sure that you too can sleep better with Dodow that they’re offering a 100-day money back guarantee so you can try it out with no risk to you.

Where can I order?

Ordering your Dodow is simple. Just click on the button below to place your order.

With secure online payment and worldwide shipping, you’ll get your Dodow as speedily as possible so you can start falling asleep better and faster before you know it.

Discover just how much better you can sleep with Dodow. Click the button below to order yours today!


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